Chills is a Swedish indiepop-rock band. Massive keyboards and catchy tunes with strong rythms and heavenly and mysterious vocals from Frida creates a distinct and unique sound that echoes 80-ies synthpop/punk era. We want our music to be playful and provocative, yet getting in your head with tunes that stays. The lyrics are on things that we care about, that we love, hate or are just seriously worried about. Like the Climate Change Waltz, Never Told, Happiness and corruption song Hush Hush. Our lyrics are in English and south Swedish accent, Skånska.






15/12 Garage

19/1 Dickens HBG

2/2 Rockbåten HBG

27/4 kv Kvarnen i Höganäs

25/5 Sikrot i Ängelholm

14/6 Mossagårdsfestivalen



Vill du boka oss? Want to books us? We are planning summer 2019 now! Mail: info@thechills.se or call: + 46 (0) 732 00 12 00




Call us: + 46 732 00 12 00

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